About me - Gloria

Hi! My name is Gloria. I am a passionate young woman that loves travelling, embracing new challenges and can’t live without a good plate of pasta!

In August 2013 I moved to London in order to start a new job and write a new chapter in my life.
Before London, I lived in Milan for 11 years. I studied in Mexico for a while and had a working experience in Spain. I grew up in a small city not far from Venice, surrounded by the hills and the love of my family.

My roots are everything. But finding my own way is inescapable.

I have been living in many different places, always looking for that ‘something’. That special sparkle that would make me say: ‘here is where I want to stop, here is where I want my roots to expand and grow.

London gave me that ‘something’, that sparkle. Hackney is where the magic happened.

Now I am a young woman happy to share and embrace this new stage of my life with a gorgeous boyfriend and a gang of very special friends.

Life is energy. Never stop looking for that place, with that ‘something’, that sparkle that gives you butterflies.


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