The perfect Mess

It was one of those Friday nights where the only thing I was looking for was a good local restaurant, close enough to get there by walking on 15cm wedge sandals and not killing myself on the way.

Dalston is full of plenty options when it’s a matter of food and drink, but the gang and I were looking for that special place. The night was too warm and nice and we wanted to celebrate it!

I have to say we made the best choice ever! Ivy’s Mess Hall. The menu is always so interesting, I literally want to taste something different every time I go there. I love the platters to share too! The quality of their ingredients are amazing and it’s just what you need when enjoying a glass of wine or a drink.

Let’s talk about drinks. Yes, because if the food is excellent (please try the oven baked meatballs) then the drinks prepared by Marco and his staff are to die for! This time he treated us with a very special version of Aperol Spritz, I love this drink in general but if there is someone who can teach everyone else how to make it right, well it’s him!

Good music in the background; nice vibes; attention to detail; great food; amazing drinks. If it’s the perfect mess you’re looking for, then walk into Ivy’s!

Ivy’s Mess Hall129 Kingsland High Street, E8 2PB London

Update 07.01.2017: Ivy’s has sadly closed 😦

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