Shiro: the Japanese skin-care brand arrives in London

Back in October 2016, I had the pleasure of discovering Shiro, a Japanese skincare brand that opened their first store outside of Japan right in London – 33E King’s Road. In a few seconds, I fell in love with everything surrounding me. The store is a gem of simplicity and the Japanese wooden furniture creates a warm atmosphere. I just wanted to know more about their philosophy and try all the products displayed on the shelves!


We make products that we ourselves want to use every day.

We get to know our natural ingredients.

We bring out the best of those ingredients.

We meet the producers.

We learn and share their ideas.

We share our Japanese products with the whole world.

We make our products in Japan.

We make the world a happier place.


Visit Shiro’s London store and ask one of the lovely shop assistants to take you through the 5 phases of Japanese beauty. I recommend trying the Sake Lees skin lotion (which I currently use every day and can’t live without); the Gagome Kelp moisturiser;  the Sake Lees face cream and the Gagome Kelp eye cream. Since I’ve started using the Sake Lees lotion, my skin looks healthier, brighter and stays well hydrated throughout the day.

They’ve also created few lines of delicious fragrances and my favourites are White Lily and English Garden (specifically created for the London store opening).

I hope you enjoy Shiro’s shopping experience and product discovery as much as I did!


Shiro – 33E King’s Road, London SW3 4LX

2 thoughts on “Shiro: the Japanese skin-care brand arrives in London

    1. Hi Emmy, thank you for reading! Let me know what’s your thought about Shiro, I think there’s no brand like them out there especially in terms of ingredients used. I’m a huge fan at the moment! Happy Sunday xx

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