It’s all about sharing your idea – 1n1 project

I’m pretty new in town and this means I had to start from zero. New job, new friends, new lifestyle, new everything. I left behind all my interests and the people I was sharing them with and it was such a trauma! But I survived.

Part of my salvation comes from this blog, in which I basically share what I like. The lesson I learned so far is that interests and personality brings people together and makes things happen! And this makes me think about two people I recently met, Martina and Andrea.

1n1 project is their store and it popped up in Shoreditch at the beginning of July 2015 (open until the end of August). As soon as I walked in I felt at home. The space is bright and cozy and the delicious aroma of pizza surrounded me.

I was immediately attracted by the bright colours of the clothing hanging on the rails and the accessories displayed on a beautiful thick wooden table. The guys were very friendly and I had the chance to speak with them for a little while.

At the end of the conversation I thought to myself: “These two are very cool!” I shared with them my choice of leaving our beloved Italy to embrace a new adventure in East London. They arrived in London fearless with a clear idea of what they wanted to do. How can you not admire such a positive attitude? And you know what, they gave their dream a chance and things are now happening for them!

They put together their own interests and passions in a way only creative minds can do: fashion and food. Mix a contemporary outfit with Andrea’s special pizzetta (meaning lil’pizza in Italian) and your day becomes really special. They decided to do something I’ve never heard or seen before and people were loving it! A work meeting lunch, hang out with friends for dinner, a blogger first meet up with her followers, many Londoners find this place the perfect environment to enjoy everything social.

Well done guys, you’re definitely one of the Queens of Hackney!

Here are some pictures of the concept store just to arouse your curiosity a bit more!

Love Gloria

1.n.1 project – 70 Paul Street EC2A 4NA – London

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