My lingerie drawer

I find myself in the middle of another move and precisely this is the 11th. ELEVEN! God knows how much I hate this process. Although I very much enjoy changes and I learned how to take moves easier, I still find it stressful.

I was packing my dresses, jumpers and shoes the other day and I was like, ” I actually have good pieces in my wardrobe!” Pieces that I really love and wouldn’t get rid of even if they’re a bit aged. Finding yourself comfortable in your own clothes is an achievement. It’s a very dynamic process as my taste changes quite often and, at times, this can be frustrating. Does this happen to you too? Yes? Because sometimes I find myself looking for something that is not even being sold or invented! Or maybe what’s on the market is not exciting enough for me.
A good thing about moving is that you’re literally forced to throw away the stuff you don’t need anymore. Yes guys, that shirt that you haven’t wore for the last 3 years; you don’t need it. Moves are the perfect opportunity to bring bags of clothes to your local Traid shop. Trust me, it’s going to make it much easier moving into the new place (or the next move…you never know).

Then I opened the underwear drawer and I closed it straight away! The truth is that I should chuck all the underwear I currently own. There was a time when I enjoyed buying lingerie and I guess this had a lot to do with my levels of self confidence. Or simply because I was wearing summer outfits for half of the year and I obviously had to put more effort in choosing nicer bras and knickers. London, I LOVE YOU, but as a consequence of the lovely weather you offer eleven months a year, I literally don’t care what I’m wearing underneath layers and layers and layers of clothes. I actually feel sorry for my boyfriend. This attitude towards my underwear needs to shift otherwise I may be having to face move #12 sooner than I expect, and I definitely don’t want that! Someone arrived to save me: her name is Lara. I imagine Lara in Buenos Aires working on her new lingerie collection and being inspired by a couple of tango dancers and a milonga playing in the background. How romantic and sensual is that? She’s a creative and ambitious British girl who travelled the world, worked in fashion and believes that she can give women what they really want! Hooray! I’m very grateful towards Lara because with her I discovered a new world of handcrafted, ethical and beautiful lingerie.She creates what I’ve been looking for and I love that! Immediately, I fell in love with this ivory lace bralette and matching culottes. The shape is stunning; the lace feels incredibly soft and the colour is just so sophisticated. And this is all I want my underwear to be: a perfect combination of romanticism, femininity and wearability. Now the truth is that I can’t take my eyes off Lara Catherine’s Collections and I just want to buy her entire collection, bodysuits included! I want my underwear drawer packed with Lara Catherine Collections lingerie because I want to feel proud of myself when I open that drawer; I want to save my relationship and I don’t want to move anywhere soon! Haha. Ladies, trust me, go and check her website out and thank me later!Much love to you all and to Lara in particular!  xx

Bralette: Lara Catherine Collections |
See through top: Navy at Top Shop Oxford Street store
Denim shorts: vintage Wrangler at Beyond Retro

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