Dr. Wu Skincare Products Review

God bless the blogger era and everyone that shares their knowledge on the web.

I’ve always been quite obsessed with the way my skin looks and I started using my first eye cream when I was only 20! Did I really need to reduce the puffiness of my eyes? Would those dark circles really prove to be problematic? I’m not sure about it, but according to the beauty shop’s sales assistant, if I wanted fresher looking eyes, I had to improve the blood circulation around the eye area. And then it happened, I bought my first eye cream and since then I’ve never stopped using it. She was, together with some magazines, the only source of readily available knowledge for my skincare. The web recently enlightened me to a completely new world of tips, routines and products that I’m loving and embracing in my everyday life. After experiencing a very bad case of acne (for the past year), I’ve decided to further explore all the skincare options available to me.

So far, tablets seem to be the only solution to my problem. I’ve learnt that keeping my skin clean has helped a lot. I’ve started using tea tree oil in the morning and evening as antiseptic, a homemade honey and turmeric mask to reduce inflammation and a Konjac sponge to deeply cleanse my skin. I have to admit, these specific routines have helped  greatly to reduce my acne, which in turn makes me feel great! The more improvements I noticed, the more I wanted to do for my skin. Keeping your skin hydrated is paramount to having radiant and healthy looking skin. Even more so when the winter brings its harsh conditions ultimately having adverse effects on skin condition. To fight this we need sheet face masks. And I’m addicted to them!

At this moment, my favourite face sheet mask is the Extreme Hydrate Bio-Cellulose Mask from Dr. Wu, a skincare brand that has recently launched in the UK. It’s one of my greatest discoveries. It contains a lot of good stuff as Edelweiss, which is a natural anti-oxidant that improves skin tone and reduces inflammation. This type of mask is suitable for those who have hectic lives – like mine – as it’s very easy to apply and remove. It also has the ability to make you look like an alien making your boyfriend run away from you in fear. But not to worry, this means you’ll have alone time (25 minutes) in order to put your feet up and let the mask get to work.

Time’s up. Mask off. Results? My skin looks and feels visibly smoother. Definitely more radiant without a doubt. You see your natural ‘lady glow’ who tends to hide during the winter months. I don’t blame her. But all-in-all,  it’s a product that enhances your skin’s look and feel, providing it with the nutrients and ingredients it needs for this time of year. Imagine what it could do for your skin the whole year round. Click here to see the Dr. Wu’s face mask range.

In conjunction with this, another product that I love using on a daily basis is the Dr. Wu Intensive Hydrating Serum, perfect for dehydrated and sensitive skins. I apply the serum morning and evening to improve the texture and firmness of my skin. This is also perfect to use as a make-up base. I’m planning to try more products from the Dr. Wu range as this is the clinical skincare product I was looking for. Now all I need to do is drop subtle hints to my boyfriend of the importance of Dr. Wu skincare products as stocking fillers. Merry Christmas to my skin.

FYI Dr.Wu is currently running an Advent Giveaway Competition! For the 24 days of advent they’ll be giving away different Dr.Wu skincare prizes, just make sure you’re following them on Facebook and Instagram.


Website: http://www.drwuskincare.co.uk/


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