Harlig: my hand-painted silk scarf

Getting to know new people, projects and brands is the part I love the most about blogging. I’m a curious person by nature and I love listening to stories especially when these are stories of young creative woman deciding to start a new adventure. I find people like Iszy, the founder of Harlig, an inspiration. An example to follow. Ultimately adding to my admiration of her.

Harlig was born a few months ago from Iszy’s passion for fabrics and prints. After graduating in Fashion and Textile Design, she worked for different fashion companies and developed a successful career as a designer. When I met her, we had a long chat with a freshly made juice in Kingly Court – Carnaby Street – and I felt like we had a lot in common! She told me that despite having a very good job and a wonderful relationship with her boyfriend, something in her life was still missing. She always had a dream, deep in her heart, that she could no longer ignore. She believed in that dream so strongly that one day she made the courageous decision to quit her job and founded her own brand. This was the birth of Harlig. She brought to life her ideas and finally had the opportunity to express her creativity in the freedom of a studio in London.

When I first saw a Harlig’s print on my Instagram feed, I remember I was really impressed by the beautiful colours and I found the patterns very recognisable too. I immediately thought they were unique. I like buying hight street brands but I also love to have in my wardrobe unique designer’s pieces that are rich of character. I think it’s now time, more than ever, to buy independent brands to support the young talents we’re surrounded by. Iszy is one of them.

Harley is now a collection of colourful and vibrant hand-printed scarves and due to the handmade creation process, literally there’s no scarf identical to another. Isn’t that wonderful? They come in a beautiful black packaging that enhances the vivd silk. The shape allowed me to use it in many different ways: around my neck or around my head for a touch of rockabilly style. Last summer, I transformed my Harlig scarf into a luxurious beach accessory and it certainly made my beach outfit stand out from the rest.


Harlig – www.harlig.co.uk

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