The aroma of a new beginning – Muji Aroma Diffuser

Sometimes, a zen atmosphere is the only thing I need. Also, I wish for this in the office or on the tube whilst commuting everyday. Fat chance. But I’m happy to enjoy some time of calm and relaxation in my flat after I leave work.

My boyfriend and I have recently made the brave decision of sharing our lives in a Victorian flat in Highbury and Islington. Well yes, Queens Of Hackney is no longer based in Hackney. And no, I’m not going to change the name of the blog!

The flat is beautiful and I saw all of its potential from day one. Obviously, transforming our lovely and bright flat into what I had imagined took a lot more time, money and effort.  Moving has  always been traumatic. This is my eleventh move and still I see boxes and stuff around the flat that I literally don’t know where to put away. But I’m optimistic! One day,  I’ll be able to drag my boyfriend one more time to Ikea. #GodGiveMeStrenght!

It’s 6:45pm. I shut the office door, step off the tube and close my home’s door behind me. I jump over a pile of shoes (mostly his), a couple of cartons (mostly mine) and I try not to see that mountain of washed clothes which have been folded but not put back in the drawer. I then realise that I need my zen time; I go straight to switch on my Muji Aroma Diffuser.

I dreamt of having a Muji Aroma diffuser for ages. You see, dreams come true sometimes! I love its shape, its warm ambient light and the cold steam infusion of essential oils. The room is immediately filled with energised air and feels like I’m having a Spa-like experience in the comfort of my home. This is my favourite moment of the day. I forget about the stresses and I focus on things that I love. I also forget about the overpowering smell of food cooked by our neighbours. Sometimes I regret not having a carpet that covers our beautifully aged wooden floor. Choosing and blending the essential oils is something I love to do too. Thankfully, the blend guide (made by Muji) provides you with a range of ways for you to mix and blend different essential oils depending on whether you want to feel relaxed, revived or peaceful. I choose all three unsurprisingly. I’m loving Eucalyptus and Lemon on a Sunday morning when working on the blog and Grapefruit for when my boyfriend and I watch TV series on Netflix and Sky. I definitely have to buy more essential oils in order to try new combinations to add to the zen the diffuser provides. Thank you Muji for this invention and bringing a bit of Japanese lifestyle into my new and hectic London life! You’re the only box I love to see.


Muji Aroma Diffuser - Queens Of Hackney

Muji Aroma Diffuser - Queens Of Hackney


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