Sabinna AW17 | I Still Love You | Backstage interview

I hope you’ll enjoy reading the backstage interview with the designer of the moment, Sabinna.


  • Who’s the woman you had in mind when you created the collection? Who’s the Sabinna’s girl?

The Sabinna’s girl is a very confident girl with a romantic twist. She knows exactly what she wants in life but then she has these moments when she’s doubting things. It’s maybe less about what the woman is and is more about the storytelling behind it, so i always try to make a story. This season for example the collection is called I Still Love You. It’s about the first romantic feelings you have as a teenager: so the first time you fall in love and you really want to impress this person but at the same time stay true to yourself. So how do you balance out this challenge? So we have these very subtle grown-up colours combined with very romantic touches. Girly little things that you would actually just wear as a teenager, like tying your jumper around the hips and mix and matching the prints in a crazier way.

  • What has inspired your new AW17 collection?

I like talking to different women and listening to their stories. See what they have to tell me and just going back to my own memories. Sometimes it’s like I know exactly how they feel and I think I should share the feelings with the rest of the women. This is usually the starting point. It’s an  interesting story about being a woman. How it’s from childhood to teen age. And as a teenager there are so many things happening crucial for who you are and how you are when you’re grown-up woman that this is something I’m always interested in. Last collection was about sister siblings and sharing. This season is about romance. I just feel everyone of us has a kind of little girl inside that you’re channeling sometimes and I’m channeling her a lot I guess!

  • Last thought you’ve had last night before falling asleep?

I was in the office until 3am we did the final piece to go with the crochet dress and I couldn’t fall asleep for ages because you see every season is special of course, but this season we’re really pushing the boundaries of how we’re showing fashion. Not only doing it in a catwalk, which is a more traditional approach, but we’re also doing the mixed-reality shopping experience. It’s not only buying from the catwalk but there’s also a tech aspect. I was just so excited myself as well because I’ve never been to an event like that. I’m part of that and it feels awesome! So it was excitement and a tiny bit of nervousness.

  • What do you usually do after the show?

Back to work usually, because I always say that ‘after fashion week is before fashion week’ but I love what I’m doing so it’s fine.

  • What’s your favourite place in London?

That’s a difficult one! I recently discovered a place called Mr. Fogg’s where you can have tipsy afternoon tea with gin instead of tea. It’s in Mayfair and a bit pricey but I think for special occasions and to treat yourself once in a while. I fell in love with that place, it’s amazing.


Watch the fashion show here!




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