About my pregnancy

I’m writing this post whilst breastfeeding my daughter, 10 months after I’ve published my last article. Going back to this digital blank page feels really good as I’ve missed it a lot! My pregnancy wasn’t the reason why I’ve stopped writing, instead this was giving me daily inspirations and the desire to share my experience. I was forced to stop writing on the blog because of my job, extremely stressful and energy draining at a point that I was asking to myself if it was even worth… I’ll most probably dedicate another post on my reflections about the working life balance.

A list of resolutions for the new year is something I can’t do, I prefer to go with the flow with a positive attitude and hoping for the best. This is why I’ve started writing again this morning, in a peaceful and messy flat, having slept enough hours to put my thoughts together and hoping that Daphne – my 6 weeks old daughter – will enjoy the noise of the keyboard.

I’d love to share some facts about my pregnancy go forward and catch up with what I couldn’t say in the last 10 months. I’ll try to figure out along the journey the best way to do it but I’d like to prove to myself that motherhood doesn’t mean that your life is over, as someone says.

Sending you love xx


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