Some temporary goodbyes

I love the way movies normally portrait the moment when women announce their pregnancy to their partners: a romantic environment/landscape; candles/moving soundtrack; hers speech and their tears. But how many times does it actually happen in real life? My announcement to Jonathan was quite hilarious instead and indeed very different from the Hollywood way. Just picture myself in the bathroom shouting at Jon, who was intensively watching some football game on Sky, “amoreeeeeee!!!” (meaning my love in Italian). I had to shout twice before he would come over and see the positive pregnancy test. We both couldn’t believe what we were seeing. We were extremely happy, excited and emotional at the same time. No tears, instead, we looked at each other in the eyes and said something like “oh shit, what are we doing now?” with a huge smile on our faces.

I was grateful, extremely grateful. Our dream was about to become true.

Also, another dream became true. I finally said goodbye to my period, hooray!!! At least for 9 months. Women, what a relief innit! On another positive note, my boobs became bigger almost instantly. Double hooray!!! And my skin finally cleared up from spots. Not to mention that my hair stayed clean for the whole week, such an amazing thing! Blow-drying my hair suddenly didn’t appear so non-sense. However, there are things during pregnancy that you will miss. Like your well functioning stomach. I literally couldn’t eat anymore my usual portions and, because of the early weeks’ sickness, I had to say goodbye to my morning coffee. So sad. Instead I was having ginger infusions and I was never leaving my home without a handful of almonds in my jacket’s pocket. Ginger and almonds have anti-nausea properties, I wouldn’t have had a normal life without them in my diet. I’ve said goodbye to my collection of high-waisted denim pretty soon, I believe four weeks into my pregnancy. “Ciao” also to comfortable sleeps. Sleeping on my tummy became impossible and the closer to the due date the more I was forced to sleep on my side and surrounded by cushions and pillows to support my back, bump and legs. Turning from side to side required several maneuvers and consequently this meant waking up from my sleep. You’re not thankful to your bladder enough until you don’t have one anymore! The weight’s pressure on that poor organ contributed to my lack of sleep and to some panic attacks: I need a loo now! Like those times when I was in the tube for the commuting or in the cab heading to the airport. My learning was: always wee before every journey.

But remember, these are all temporary conditions. The pregnancy for me was overall a beautiful journey. What about you? Is there anything particular you’ve found or you’re finding difficult to give up on during your pregnancy? Also, let me know if you have any question, I’m happy to share further details of my journey.


Queens Of Hackney


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One of my fav high waisted Monki denim

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