The BABYBJÖRN Baby Bouncer: a game changer!

You’re never enough ready for the arrival of your first child. Both mentally and practically.

I had my daughter 3 months ago and I remember the first two weeks as a massive mental adjustment. Before Daphne’s arrival, I’ve spent the previous 15 years doing basically what I wanted. Yes I had to pass University exams, yes I had to learn how to retain a job, earn money and economically sustain myself. But nothing really prepared me to THAT change of lifestyle! When I’m not breast feeding Daphne I’m trying to make her fall asleep. And when she’s awake I have to play with her! All lovely things but some days I’m so busy looking after her that I’m not even able to shower before 4pm or to complete a couple of simple tasks, like cooking or tiding up the house.

Something that is helping me along the way is the BABYBJÖRN Baby Bouncer. To be honest with you, before trying it, I was genuinely convinced that any baby’s accessory like it were just a marketing thing. Guys, I’m glad I gave it a try! For the first two months since her birth, Daphne would only sleep in my arms or on my chest. I was never able to have break. One day I’ve tried to sit her on the BABYBJÖRN Baby Bouncer and she loved it so much that she even fell asleep in it! A miracle. For now, I’m rocking the baby bouncer for her, but soon, she will be able to do it herself with her legs’ movements. So basically my hope is that soon she will fall asleep alone! The bouncer is also her favourite place from where she can watch mummy tiding up the house, washing the dishes, hanging the laundry and so on. She looks so comfortable in it that I wish BabyBjorn was selling the adult version that I’ve seen at their last PR event! Lol!




2 thoughts on “The BABYBJÖRN Baby Bouncer: a game changer!

  1. I truly agree with the bouncer. I bought it 11 years ago for my daughter and she loved! I could some work done while she is on the bouncer. My Son used it shortly after that! Amazing product!! Love it!

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    1. Thank you for your feedback Maryann! It’s so good to hear that the BabyBjorn bouncer is such a timeless object that both mums and babies love! I’m so glad I have one. Do you have any other favourite/essential object that you would recommend me? xx


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