The new Grobag. Rob Ryan x The Gro Company

Back in April, I was invited to a very special event for the launch of the new The Gro Company collection in collaboration with Rob Ryan. He is the iconic English artist who can cut out of paper, the most amazing works of art.

As some of you might know, London’s borough of Hackney holds a special place in my heart, as it inspired the birth of my blog. When I knew I would get to see Rob Ryan‘s art studio, I was very excited. Everyone says that Hackney has become a trendy place to live and hang out thanks to all the artists and creatives moving into the borough and finally I was about to meet one of them!
The studio is located on the top floor of a two storey house and plenty of light shines through the wide windows. Hundreds of books and loads of colourful prints left no empty spaces on the walls. Ceramics and many different objects were spread across the room and were hanging from the ceiling. My eyes got lost in that creative and beautiful place! It must be wonderful to be able to work every day in a space that represents you entirely. Personally, it’s one of my dreams.
Rob took us through his story as an artist and explained how he enjoyed working with The Gro Company on the Grobag project. It brought his memory back to when his children were babies and to all the sweet moments spent with them around bed time.
The Gro Company is the UK’s leading baby sleep brand and has been helping parents get babies to sleep safely for over 17 years. The Grobag is a baby sleeping bag that can be used as a safe alternative to bed sheets and blankets. I personally haven’t tried the sleeping bag with Daphne but certainly I remember the very first weeks as very stressful during bed time. I was always wondering if she was doing alright, even though her cot was right next to my bed. Will the blanket cover her face whilst she’s sleeping? Will she be hot or cold? These were the type of questions coming to my mind every night. If you click here you can find a complete guide that explains what the baby should wear when sleeping in the Grobag and what’s the best size to use.
Rob Ryan has created a beautiful and original piece of artwork, telling the tale of two young birds snuggling down in their nest for a good night’s sleep. The Gro Company has transformed this art work into three different prints, across nine products that will be exclusively available at Mothercare in June 2018 (Retail price: between £36 and £42).
I hope you’ll enjoy the pictures I took during the event and please feel free to share your personal experience with the Grobag, if you have or have had one!

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