Infantino: 3-in-1 Walk & Ride Unicorn

This year has been a very special one and I know I will remember it forever. It’s been a year of first times. The first ride on a bicycle together, the first dip in the sea, the first steps. Our first birthday as mum and daughter and our first Christmas together. Seeing Daphne growing and developing her skills is magical and it’s the best gift I could ever been given. I was looking forward to see Daphne playing with her new the 3-in-1 Sit, Walk & Ride Unicorn from Infantino. In the past few weeks I’ve seen her more and more confident getting on and off the unicorn and it certainly helped her to get to know the potential of her body and its limits. She loves dancing to the music coming from the unicorn and she knows by now how to make the music start! I have so much fun seeing her playing with it. One of her favourite things is pulling the horse seat up, taking out a ball and putting it back through the seat’s hole. When she does that she says ‘YEEEEEEE’!! She’s very proud of what she can do. I can only imagine how much fun she will have in a few months, when she will be able to ride the unicorn around the house alone. For now, she can push it as a walker or going backwards when sitting on it. It’s colorful and easy to assemble. Daphne and I are very happy with this toy from Infantino and I believe this could be a great Christmas or first birthday gift idea! Sending love and wishing you all a very merry Christmas!

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