About fashion, a ricebox and Bridget Jones.

I’ve been working in the fashion industry for quite a few years now but I’m experiencing, for the first time, meetings with PR agencies and events related to London Fashion Week (LFW). Participating in the fashion carousel was not the aim of my blog when I first started but things are happening anyway! I faced the first appointments with loads of excitement but I must admit I was also so very worried. Leaving the comfort zone is never easy, and in this case, I really didn’t know what to expect. I was like ‘this is so exciting!’ and then few minutes before the meeting my thoughts were ‘Ok Gloria, why, why, why do you always find a way to put yourself is such stressful situations?’ After this I usually laugh hysterically.

So, how did it go? Well, overall I feel like the fashionista version of Bridget Jones! Most of my insecurities come from my inability to speak fluent and cool English when needed, that is to say when smiling and ovelry excited PRs approach me. I enjoy meeting new people so much. I love discovering more and more about this fabulous industry and I urge the thrills only new adventures can give. But I feel so silly at times when I don’t understand some English accents or if I have to think too long about the answer. This is not cool at all but whatever…it will not stop me!

Last Thursday I had the chance to prove myself once again. I went to the presentation of Katie Eary capsule collection for KFC. Yes KFC. The chicken chain. Of course when I mentioned it to my lovely boyfriend, a free box of rice and chicken would be provided during the event, he magically turned out as the most perfect +1. Obviously.

The venue, 01zero-one, is located in Soho and during the London Fashion Week is converted into a huge changing room and a source of samples for bloggers. Yes. Because bloggers change outfits in between fashion shows and here is where they do it. I literally couldn’t believe it! That day, I understood even more how influencers matter nowadays.

Oh Katie, you made the impossible possible! Designing a collection in 14 days and executing it in 60 minutes, when most of us are just able to grab a sandwich and gobble it down in front of a computer or inbetween a conference call and another. 40 sewing machines and tailors working insanely throughout. Fabrics and feathers; zippers and sequins; make up and glitter; everything makes sense in the end. Despite the stress and frustration around the pressures of time, you made it Katie! And your creations are utterly wonderful.

Enjoy the video of the 60 minute creation, get inspired by the lovely and talented Katie!

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