The White Cube

Even if the barbecue season is officially over, there’s still a lot to do in this wonderful city. Something I particularly love about London is the opportunity to visit free galleries and museum. I recently went to the White Cube gallery in Bermondsey with a couple of lovely friends and it’s been a really exciting  discovery! The gallery is clean and clinical and I personally found it very inspiring. The exhibition of Cerith Wyn Evans is really impressive and it transforms the gallery into a space for experiences, visual and auditive. The architectures of neon lights are stunning and you just can’t stop watching them!

Visiting a new gallery is also a great way for me to know different areas of London, I’ve never been to Bermondsey before and I really liked its vibe. It seemed like a posh version of Hackney, cool restaurants and cozy tea rooms; London Bridge, the Shard and Borough Market are a 10 minute walk away and the brick buildings are lovely.

I took some pictures and I hope you will enjoy them! xx


White Cube Berdmonsey – 144/152 Berdmonsey Street SE1 3TQ London

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