LV Series 3

The Louis Vuitton Series 3 Exhibition was for me about the evolution of a monogram and a marketing experience.

Among all the fashion exhibitions I saw, the Louis Vuitton one had something different. I didn’t book any guided tour so what I write is just my personal opinion. As a contemporary art exhibition there were huge spaces; massive installations and videos; extremely white rooms in contrast with very dark ones. A perfect marketing operation to promote the new monogram design and to feel the brand’s soul.

I found extremely interesting the insight into the production process. A room was specifically dedicated to show how the Petite Malle Monogram was handcrafted. The videos showing the process gave me the impression that I was there, just by the artisans. And most surprisingly, there was a room with the artisans in person making that little jewel of a handbag!  I couldn’t believe my eyes and I felt really lucky to participate in the creation process of one of the most desired accessory out there. Thousands of bag components, tools and craftsmanship. This is what we frequently forget. What’s usually behind the objects that we buy was now in front of me and I was enchanted, staring at the hand of the artisan making this dream come true!

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